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Never miss another issue and instantly save 25% off the cover price!

How it works:

1. Browse our Subscribe section
2. You click and subscribe to your favorite comic books
3. Once a month we will mail you all the comics that are in your box

It's that simple.

You will be auto-billed on the 26th of every month and your books will ship after payment is received. Which is usually instantly.

By subscribing you also gain the benefit of saving through combined shipping. AND if your subscription total is $50 or more... your shipping is 100% free!

As an added bonus, all of your books will be bagged and boarded at no additional cost.

You have full control over managing your subscriptions. Want to change your subscription preferences? Not a problem. Just log into your account and change your subscriptions. You determine which comics you are subscribed to at any time. Add, remove, and swap comic book titles in and out of your box as often (or as little) as you want. The choice and control is yours.

If you don't see the title you want let us know and we will see about getting it added. Just email your list of comic book titles to

Feel free to contact customer service if you have any additional questions.