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Your Frequently Asked Questions - Answered:

Q. I'm looking for a certain book that I don't see listed on your website. Do you have it or can you get it?
A. Message us using the FB Messenger icon and we will let you know.

Q. Are your books first printings or 2nd, 3rd, etc?
A. All of our books are first printings unless stated otherwise in the description.

Q. At checkout there is a free shipping option called "Local Pickup at Voyages" what is that about?
A. We have partnered with Voyages Toys, Comics, & Games located in Cannon Beach, OR. If you live in the area (Cannon Beach, Astoria, Seaside) you can order your books from us and pick them up locally at Voyages in Cannon Beach. 

Q. What is the condition of <insert name of any comic book> on your site?
A. All of our new comic books are purchased directly from the distributor (Diamond) and are immediately bagged/boarded upon receipt. We do not guarantee the grade of any book as we are not professional graders. 

Q. How can I buy a book that is in Near Mint or better condition?
A. Almost all of our new books are in 9.2 (NM-) or better condition when we receive them from Diamond. However, grading is very subjective. My 9.6 might be your 9.8 or vice versa. Which is why we don't guarantee a grade. We do sell professionally graded comic books in our Graded Comics section if you want a guaranteed grade from a professional third party grading company. 

Q. I bought a comic book from you and it has a dent on the cover. What are you going to do about it?
A. Nothing. A dent is still a NM comic book. Even a 9.8 (NM/Mint) comic book is allowed 2 defects. If you are looking for a guarantee of a perfect comic book - good luck. Seriously. There are very few professionally graded 10.0 Gem/Mint comic books out there and they are priced at a premium. Expect to pay several hundred (if not several thousand) dollars on a perfect 10.0 comic book - check it out here. 

Q. How do you ship your books?
A. You decide when you check out. If you choose the least expensive option(s) we are going to ship your books in a very sturdy flat cardboard mailer (like the ones used to protect photographs) with extra boards to keep the book as flat as possible. Flat Rate Envelopes will have an extra layer of protection as we put the comic in the cardboard mailer AND THEN we put that cardboard mailer inside a Flat Rate Envelope. Flat Rate Medium Box is just that... your comic(s) are put into a cardboard mailer, surrounded by padding, inside a medium size box. 

Q. What is the condition of the books in the Dollar Bin?
A. There is zero guarantee of the condition on $3-4 books that you buy for $1 (or less). These are books that don't meet our standard for new/unread comic books. Some might have a tear on the cover, some are bent, some have been folded, some have multiple dents, some have color breaks, spine rolls, etc. Its a Dollar Bin for a reason. Don't expect to find 9.8 NM book in the there. These are reading copies. None of these books are guaranteed to be bagged or boarded.

Q. Can you take extra pictures and send them to me for a comic?
A. No. In the past few months we have started taking photos of books as they arrive from Diamond, after we bag/board them. Going forward we will continue this practice with all new books. We have no plans to go back and take photos of books already received.

Any other questions, please use the FB Messenger icon in the lower right hand corner of our website. Thanks!