Rose City Comic Con 2016

Posted by Jeremy Clifford on

Rose City Comic Con this year was a blast. Amazing how many talented writers and artists live right here in Portland. Due to that abundance of awesome talent at this show we had a very large number of submissions of comics to get signed for our customers.

Brian Michael Bendis ("Jessica Jones"), Terry Dodson (variant cover artist on "Superwoman", "Wonder Woman", "Dark Knight III", and more), David Finch ("Batman"), Jimmy Palmiotti ("Harley Quinn" and "Jonah Hex"), Amanda Palmer ("Harley Quinn"), Charles Soule ("Inhumans" and "Lando"), Mike Mignola ("Hellboy"), Stan Sakai ("Usagi Yojimbo") and so very many more.

I must say that every time I run into Brian Michael Bendis at a signing or a show he is just super cool!


I am hopeful to being able to partner with him on some goodies for our customers in the coming year.

Had some great conversation with Jimmy Palmiotti regarding Jonah Hex (one of my favorite titles that he did). Also a super cool guy:


I also picked up this fantastic Stranger Things print from Benjamin Dewey... I mean check this out!:


His art is really amazing!

Everyone was great to meet and the convention was fun. My only wish would be that the convention extend to 3 days and the line management was better. However, in their defense, line management is often and issue at most conventions we attend.

I highly recommend this convention to everyone the world over.

It was a lot of fun.