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Week Dec 13 2015

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Star Wars The Force Awakens opens this Friday. Hard to believe that the day is nearly here. As such it seemed appropriate that I get caught up on my Star Wars reading. Star Wars 13, Darth Vader 13, and Star Wars Annual 1. Wow.

I'm not usually very fond of Annuals... but the Star Wars Annual 1 was... brilliant! It was original, fun, exciting, new, fresh... I could go on and on. There have been so many "lightsabers" as of late (the prequels, Star Wars, and Darth Vader titles) it was nice to step away from it. Here is a comic in the Star Wars universe that introduces a new character, tells an exciting story and has no lightsabers.

If you are not reading these comics... then you need to. They are great. And this is now one of my favorite Annuals.


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