Week of October 11

Posted by Jeremy Clifford on

Wow a slew of great comics came out this week! Amazing Spider-Man #1 was super fun. Seriously. Read it. It was fun.

Doctor Strange #1... well... I mean... come on... admit it. We are all reading Doctor Strange in the voice of Benedict Cumberbatch... amiright?

And lets not forget all the great Star Wars reads! I am so excited about the Shattered Empire series! They even mentioned one of the new characters in the movie by name! How cool is that?

One REALLY COOL THING that we have going on RIGHT NOW. 

We have a TON of SIGNED IRON MAN #1's!!!!! Yes that includes variants! The best part about that is... all the signatures were witnessed by a CBCS Authorized Witness! That's Right!!! That means you (yes you!) can get in early, purchase a signed variant, get it graded and slabbed... (drum roll) and get the YELLOW LABEL.  Yes. Before anyone else!!! Because we picked these up on the day they were released and had them signed by the artist, David Marquez, on that very same day! And did you know, this issue has a first appearance?! Don't worry we won't spoil it. But this is a comic you will want to get in on early before the price goes up, up, up!

 brucetimmironmancover ironmanhiphopcover

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