Rose City Comic Con - Approved

Posted by Jeremy Clifford on

With Galacticon 4 behind us... it is time to start looking forward!

We have been approved to be a CBCS authorized witness for Rose City Comic Con! We have our booth approved for the RCCC as well! They have a great line up of guests. Some things to keep an eye out for are which comics are key to getting signed at RCCC. We have a few suggestions. Each week we will mention at least one in our blog.

Larry Hama! Remember, the G.I. Joe comic book just killed off Snake Eyes! (I know, right?) A great comic to get signed would be G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #'s 212-215. There are some great variants to choose from, including the very popular action figure variant. Then, if you really want to go crazy, you could have Ray Park sign it as well! Remember, he played Snake Eyes in the movie! Get is signed and graded.

There's your hot tip for the day.