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Galacticon 4 Preparations!

This week we have been pretty focused on the next convention we are attending, Galacticon 4!

We have been approved by CBCS to be an Authorized Witness at this event! If you would like to submit comics to be signed by any of the attendees please see our Galacticon Signatures section.  Not sure what comic books to submit? Here are some ideas of comic books to consider for submission:

-Dynamite: Battlestar Galactica photo variants
-Marvel: Battlestar Galactica (circa 1978)
-Marvel: Blade Runner (Edward James Olmos played "Gaff")
-Innovation: Lost in Space (circa 1991)
-Gold Key: Space Family Robinson: Lost in Space (circa 1962)

We will be bringing a few with us for sale at our booth for those in attendance.

On a different note, we will have some new comic prep supplies going up for sale very soon! So stay tuned!


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