Fan Expo Dallas, Day 3

Posted by Jeremy Clifford on

This day was awesome. After meeting Frank Miller and the Dark Knight III team yesterday during the Platinum Frank Miller Experience... we started this day out with the Private Signing. We took all of our submissions over to Frank's hotel and were invited up to his hotel room. 

We were able to chat with the DKIII Team while Frank signed away on books:






After the private signing and bidding them all farewell we headed back to the Fan Expo Dallas convention. Met and got autographs from the Star Wars celebs that were there.

I also picked up my Dr Aphra commission from Leinil Yu. It looks amazing! Totally worth it!

We then bid our friends farewell and flew back home that night.

Key learnings from our experience at Fan Expo Dallas:

1. Forget about trying to get exclusive merchandise from the merch booths on the first day. It will just make you angry and hate all the exhibitors for snatching up the things you want. So just forget the merch booths exist. It will just ruin your day/weekend.

2. Try to meet celebs on Sunday. Friday and Saturday was just too crazy and there was really no one over by the vendors or by Artist's Alley

3. Try to spend Friday and Saturday meeting with the artists. They want to chat! They want to hear from their fans.

4. Rumors had it that all the vendors were doing killer deals on Sunday. That may have been the case... I don't know... I didn't see any killer deals. Plus it was super crowded.

5. Remember why you are there. I had the most fun spending time with my friends throughout the weekend. Meeting celebs... meeting great comic book talent.. Everything else was just pretty much noise... except meeting Frank Miller... that was totally awesome! ;)