Fan Expo Dallas, Day 2

Posted by Jeremy Clifford on

Today was a better day. Autographs are pretty expensive. Probably too expensive for the average family. So I pretty much avoided the celebs today and focused on comic artists. Got a lot of books signed. The argument for and against artists charging for signing comics is interesting.

On one the hand: if they charge for signing books you are like 'Dang it costs me $200 to get 20 books signed...  Isn't DC/Marvel paying you already? Didn't I pay you already when I bought your book? This feels like 'hey thanks for paying me by buying my books... Now pay me again for the privilege of me touching your book'... You know what I mean?"

On the other hand: if they don't charge.. you just know some guy in front of you is going to bring 120 books to get signed and you get stuck standing in line for 2 hours. And you're like 'I only have one book!'

Not sure what the right answer is here. Damned if you do and if you don't. However I will say Joe Mad had a crazy ass line that blocked anyone from getting to Yu's line. That kinda sucked. I think Dallas can maybe take this as a lesson learned for next year.

On a positive note... Got to meet Frank Miller and we was really funny and very nice guy. 

We didn't even bother with any exclusives today. I think that helped with the mood. :)

Tomorrow the Frank Miller Private Signing! Yes!