Fan Expo Dallas, Day 1

Posted by Jeremy Clifford on

Wow Exclusives were extremely difficult to get.

Even with a VIP pass we had trouble getting to the merch booths early enough.

But first things first. We flew in to Dallas Thursday. To get settled a day before the show and get a head start on convention.

The con officially opened at 4pm today. So I took my time, had coffee, ate breakfast with a publisher friend of mine. Around noon I hear that the con has a store outside the convention hall. Wow, I think, I hope they aren't selling exclusives. So I pack up my bag and head down to the hall at noon. Sure enough the store has a huge fucking line and YES THEY ARE SELLING EXCLUSIVES. Really?! So anyone walking off the street can walk in without a badge and buy up the exclusives? Like this Batman Adventures #12 Foil Variant cover that sold out at Megacon last weekend?



Isn't the reason customers spend $500 on a VIP badge is so the can get in early to buy rare exclusives?

Apparently here they sell exclusives to anyone 4 HOURS BEFORE THE CONVENTION STARTS!

After waiting in line for 1 1/2 hours I ask "hey you only have 4 left, are there more inside the convention in better shape?" Yes, they say.

I go to the VIP line. At 2 PM they let us in. I head straight to the store. Already there is line there. How? How is that even possible? Everyone in front of me had an exhibitor badge and every one of them had that foil variant in their hands. The vendor in front of me bought the last one. Unbelievable! Then at 2:05 they let the Premium pass holders in. Really? VIP's only get a 5 minute head start?

I was very loud and vocal about how the exhibitors were allowed to buy up all the exclusives while fans with VIP badges missed out. I had hoped the volunteers would yank the books out of their hands and kick the vendors out of the line. Nope.

I continued being VERY vocal until the person running the store booth said "hey, I saved two in the back, I'll sell you one". Oh really?! You will sell me a book that was meant for attendees that you were keeping for yourself? Yes I will buy it. ..and BTW... it wasn't even for me it was for my nephew.

So I bought it. Just another example of a convention people catering exclusives to exhibitors and even skimming off the top for themselves at the expense of attendees. 


Here's to hoping for a better tomorrow.